How To Maximize Space In Your Kitchen

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Ideas for organizing your kitchen

There are certain things that Handy just cannot do to reduce the clutter in certain places in your home. That is why they share certain articles to their target audience to make sure they get the most from their space and live better. The kitchen is the place in the home where it can suffer the most unorganization due to the clutter with the different ingredients as well as kitchen supplies and appliances. Truth is, there are a lot of ideas in which you can add more space to your kitchen by just switching things around.

When it comes to wine bottles, it is more convenient for you to store them on a rack to save space in your cupboards. There is the idea of having the storage rack repurposed from a magazine holder. Mugs can take up a lot of space as well but a great solution is to have a hang for your mugs in a creative way. One can be to have a bar set up with s-hooks to hang them. Another way is to have a piece of wood with little hooks nailed onto it to put up onto the wall. Another positive reason to have it done this way is because the mugs will be within reach next time you need a caffeine fix.

Think about what your utensil drawer looks like, a mess right? That drawer where you shove all your tongs and whisks in one place tends to look like that. But there is a better way of going about this. If you sort your utensils in a jar, it would be easier to find and grab next time you would need something quickly. Risers are another great option for your plates, pots and pans. Instead of stacking them all on top of either other and need to take everything out if you want something on the bottom, this is a great way of going about this problem.