Preferable Options for the Freight Options

Freight transport is one of the main stages of order processing in a company. The calculation of freight directly influences the price of the product, which can determine the competitive value that the company will have on the market.

This calculation can be complex and become a factor that makes it difficult for managers to maintain effective budget control over logistics.So we have prepared this post to show you in a simple and straightforward way how freight is calculated by carriers and what factors affect this pricing. You can find the load board for truckers perfectly now.


To price this service, carriers can use different variables in the equation. But there are fees to which they are all subject, making the values ​​to some extent similar.

The transportation of goods in business relationships generates responsibilities for the provision of the contracted service because it generates the execution of the activities that are the object of the agreed business between the parties interested in the acquisition of goods.

Transportation refers to the physical movement of goods, from the place of production or storage to the sale, in the right place with the buyer.

Transport Deployment Modes

The transport process can occur by:

  • Inland freight: shipment of the product from the place of production to the place of beginning of international transport.
  • Inland freight at the place of destination: movement which starts at the end of the international transport, from the place of landing to the destination of the product.

International transport

International transport is the movement between two countries governed by an internationally accepted contract between the contracting parties.

  • To choose the appropriate modality, certain factors must be analyzed, such as pick-up and drop-off points, urgency of delivery, freight weight, availability, cost of service and frequency.
  • Air Transport: Air transport is used to transport large and small goods, which are contracted companies specialized in the transport of goods, according to a procedural criterion required by the competent bodies, such as receipts.

Due to the speed used, air transport is the best way to preserve the health, integrity and freshness of the product, but its cost is much higher than other forms of transportation.In general, shipments are not directly negotiated by exporters with airlines, except in large quantities.People interested in sending their products abroad use air cargo agents, who are knowledgeable about flights, companies, routes, goods, and have an easy way to get discounts on freight with the cargo consolidation.