The First Taragh Bracken Criminal Court Case

If you ask a business school what any ordinary semester at college looks like for them, they may tell you that they are searching for the perfect internship, handling various responsibilities in two university associations while taking a full-course load and maintain a sublime social life. Ask a law student on the other hand and they’ll tell you that their social life involves sitting next to their friends in a dull and drab library until 3AM on the weekends while they hear laughs of drunk students in the far distance of the great outdoors.


What is it about law students that makes them seem less involved in their extracurriculars and building up a CV that shows for their experience? Some people believe it’s a rat race when trying to get the best internship before their final year at school, while others wait until a year after they graduate law school to then do internship work and apply for the bar. It all depends on your preferences, and one way is not better than the other.


Taragh Bracken was a keener when it came to gaining exterior legal experience, as someone who was always impassioned by the law. She fell into a deep appreciation for criminal law when she took the summer off after her first year of law school and worked as a free intern for this fast-paced criminal firm. This was before she knew anything about family law and founded that passion.


At the time of her start date is when Taragh Bracken was given work on one of the most suspicious and highly-involved homicide scenes that she had ever heard of. Although Bracken was merely given paperwork duties, her understanding that murder scenes must go back to the family suspects first peaked.


With the death of a young woman who didn’t show up to work without any sense of communication for practically a week when her co-workers went to her home to find her dead. The police at the time found her stabbed to dead on the living room floor, where she fatally bled out. As per the evidence that was found, Bracken helped the lawyers in the firm she was interning for determine that it was the ex-boyfriend who killed the poor woman. After having been separated for over a year from their common law union where they lived together in the same apartment, it is no wonder that he had the same keys and methods to enter the home.